Beneficiary Details
Sl. Financial Year Dept Code GO No. GO Date Account Head Code Grantee Name Grantee Address District Amount Sanctioned Purpose PDF
1 2015-2016 EM 557/LS (6G/Lib-22/2015) 15-03-2016 2202-80-800-SP-001-31-02-V Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation Block DD-34, Sector-I, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700091 NORTH 24-PARGANAS 20000000 Residual amount of matching share of the State Govt. to RRRLF for implementation of different matching schemes
2 2015-2016 EM 507/LS (6G/Lib-22/2015) 04-03-2016 2202-80-800-SP-001-31-02-V Uttar Dinajpur District Book Fair Committee P.O. Raigunj, Dist. Uttar Dinajpur DAKSHIN DINAJPUR 200000 To meet up several expenses towards organisation of District Book Fair at Uttar Dinajpur for the year 2015-16
3 2015-2016 EM 509A/LS (6G/Lib-22/2015) 04-03-2016 2202-80-800-SP-001-31-02-V Bengal Library Association P-134, CIT Scheme - 52, Kolkata - 700014 KOLKATA 400000 Annual maintenance towards meet up the cost of various expenses to be incurred for development of the libraryattached to the association for the year 2015-16
4 2015-2016 EM 510A/LS (6G/Lib-22/2015) 04-03-2016 2202-80-800-SP-001-77-00-V West Bengal Commission for Women, Kolkata JALASAMPAD BHAWAN, (Ground floor & 10th floor), Sector - I, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700091 NORTH 24-PARGANAS 503800 Continuance of second phase work towards strengthening the existing library in favour of West Bengal Commission for Women, Kolkata
5 2015-2016 EM 468/LS (6G/Lib-22/2015) 03-03-2016 2202-80-789-SP-001-31-02-V Bhabanipur Rural Library P.O. Jesta, Dist. Birbhum BIRBHUM 342060 Construction of library building
6 2015-2016 EM 469/LS (6G/Lib-22/2015) 03-03-2016 2202-80-789-SP-001-31-02-V Bipranandigram Rabindra Smriti Samity Pathagar P.O. Bipranandigram, Dist. Birbhum BIRBHUM 145500 Purchase of books & furniture
7 2015-2016 EM 470/LS (6G/Lib-22/2015) 03-03-2016 2202-80-789-SP-001-31-02-V Kurmun Udayan Sangha Gramin Pathagar P.O. Kurmun, Dist. Burdwan BIRBHUM 614737 Purchase of books (Rs. 2,98,231/-) & furniture (Rs. 3,16,506/-)
8 2015-2016 EM 471/LS (6G/Lib-22/2015) 03-03-2016 2202-80-789-SP-001-31-02-V Buintya Gopalbati Jayasree Club O Pathagar P.O.Kantali, Dist. Hooghly HOOGHLY 791332 Extension of library building
9 2015-2016 EM 472LS (6G/Lib-22/2015) 03-03-2016 2202-80-789-SP-001-31-02-V Mouchak Sadharan Pathagar P.O.Chamrail, Dist. Howrah HOWRAH 24276 Purchase of books
10 2015-2016 EM 473/LS (6G/Lib-22/2015) 03-03-2016 2202-80-789-SP-001-31-02-V Jagriti Pathagar P.O.Gairkata, Dist. Jalpaiguri JALPAIGURI 199881 Purchase of furniture
11 2015-2016 EM 474/LS (6G/Lib-22/2015) 03-03-2016 2202-80-789-SP-001-31-02-V Chalsa Salboni Sangha Granthagar P.O.Chalsa, Dist. Jalpaiguri JALPAIGURI 89621 Purchase of furniture
12 2015-2016 EM 475/LS (6G/Lib-22/2015) 03-03-2016 2202-80-789-SP-001-31-02-V New Town Library P.O.Alipurduar, Dist. Alipurduar (Jalpaiguri) ALIPURDUAR 248230 Purchase of furniture
13 2015-2016 EM 476/LS (6G/Lib-22/2015) 03-03-2016 2202-80-789-SP-001-31-02-V Youth Seminar Library P.O. Krantihat, Dist. Jalpaiguri JALPAIGURI 585000 Construction of library building
14 2015-2016 EM 477/LS (6G/Lib-22/2015) 03-03-2016 2202-80-789-SP-001-31-02-V Subash Pathagar P.O. Falakata, Dist. Jalpaiguri JALPAIGURI 207749 Purchase of furniture
15 2015-2016 EM 478/LS (6G/Lib-22/2015) 03-03-2016 2202-80-789-SP-001-31-02-V Nabagram Sadharan Pathagar P.O. Nabagram, Dist. Murshidabad MURSHIDABAD 306429 Purchase of books (Rs.91,069/-), furniture (Rs. 1,34,688/-) & Drinking water (Rs. 80,671/-)
16 2015-2016 EM 479/LS (6G/Lib-22/2015) 03-03-2016 2202-80-796-SP-001-31-02-V Tulsiberia Deshapran Pathagar P.O. Tulsiberia, Dist. Howrah HOWRAH 294822 Purchase of books (Rs.87,501/-) & furniture (Rs. 2,07,321/-)
17 2015-2016 EM 480/LS (6G/Lib-22/2015) 03-03-2016 2202-80-796-SP-001-31-02-V Friends Club Library Jagacha, P.O. GIP Colony, Dist. Howrah HOWRAH 27340 Purchase of computer
18 2015-2016 EM 481/LS (6G/Lib-22/2015) 03-03-2016 2202-80-796-SP-001-31-02-V Vivekananda Cultural Centre Library P.O. Monsatala, Dist. Howrah HOWRAH 157610 Purchase of books (Rs.1,02,874/-) & furniture (Rs. 54,736/-)
19 2015-2016 EM 482/LS (6G/Lib-22/2015) 03-03-2016 2202-80-796-SP-001-31-02-V Kanduah Mahakali Granthagar P.O. Kanduah, Dist. Howrah HOWRAH 401718 Purchase of books (Rs.1,94,200/-) & furniture (Rs. 2,07,518/-)
20 2015-2016 EM 483/LS (6G/Lib-22/2015) 03-03-2016 2202-80-796-SP-001-31-02-V Pallisri Pathagar P.O. Hirapur, Dist. Howrah HOWRAH 222561 Purchase of books (Rs.1,00,300/-) & furniture (Rs. 1,22,261/-)
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