Departmental Orders

Upload Date Memo No. & Date Subject Download
06-02-2015 287(20)-Edn(MEE) dated 13.03.1996 Filling up the vacancies of cycle peon in sponsored Pub. Lib. filling_up_the_vacancies_of_c.pdf
06-02-2015 275(18)/LS dated 06.03.1998 Filling up of vacant posts in Govt. Sposnored Public Library filling up of vacant posts in govt.pdf
06-02-2015 661-MEE/Sectt dated 30.09.2011 Public Libraries towards payment of salary public_libraries_towards_payment_of_salary.pdf
06-02-2015 1081-MEE/Sectt dated 10.09.2012 Payment of salaries of the employees of Govt. sponsored libraries payment_of_salaries_of_the_employees_of_govt_sponsoredlibrari.pdf
06-02-2015 1149-F dated 12.02.2007 Economy circulars issued by the Govt. in 2000 and again 2002 economy_circulars_issued_by_the_govt..pdf
06-02-2015 3900-F dated 19.05.1998 Raising of Age limit for Direct Recruitment raising_of_age_limit.pdf
06-02-2015 2312-Edn(MEE) dated 05.08.1998 Upgradation of 40 libraries to Town Libraries and sanction of 80 post upgradation_of_40libraries-to-T.pdf
06-02-2015 1875-Edn(MEE) dated 21.12.2000 Acumulation and encashment of Earned Leave of Govt. sponosred Public Library employees acumulation and encashment of e.pdf
06-02-2015 1736-L dated 30.08.2000 The West Bengal Scheduled Castes ans Schedule Tribes (2nd amendment) Act, 2000 west bengal scheduled_castes_ans_sc.pdf
06-02-2015 1676(19)/LS dated 27.02.2004 Post facto Approval of Appointment of staff members of the sponsored and Aided Libraries postfacto_approval_of_appointment.pdf