State Central Library is the nerve centre of various other library activities of the State. It is implementing the special programmes for the public libraries with the assistance of Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation against the Matching Schemes created by equal contributions of State Government &Central Government and Non Matching Schemes. [ For detail please visit RAJA RAMMOHUN ROY LIBRARY FOUNDATION ]

Functions of State Central Library

(i) To maintain a representative collection of books and journals, State Govt, publications and other publications acquired through purchase, exchange, gift and under law.
(ii) Processing of all documents received by the library.
(iii) To take stock of the library periodically.
(iv) To provide Reading Room Service.
(v) To provide Lending Service to the readers.
(vi) To provide reference and Bibliographic Service as per requirement of the readers, district libraries and other libraries.
(vii) To provide Text Book Service and Career Guidance Service to all levels of people.
To provide Newspaper & Periodical Service.
(ix) To provide Service to Children.
(x) To provide Service to Nco-literate Readers.
(xi) To provide Service to Visually Impaired Persons.
(xii) To provide Inter-Library Loan Servicc to District / Town / Sub-divisional / Rural / Primary Unit / Area Libraries and other Libraries.
(xiii) To provide Mobile Library Services.
(xiv) To provide 'Document_Delivery Service' through xerox machine.
(xv) To provide information service on life and livelihood to the people.
(xvi) To collect & organize information on the Slate and to make them available to people and institutions.
(xvii) To maintain & compile library statistics.
(xviii) To publish bibliography of books received through P.R. Act annually.
(xix) To organize different training programmes and workshops for library personnel.
(xx) To publicise library services and activities of the Directorate of Library Services in different ways.
(xxi) Implementation of different programmes under the matching scheme of RRRLF and State Govt.
(xxii) To undertake different projcct works relating to library scrviccs.
(xxiii) To organize different extension activities.
(xxiv) To guide District / Town / Sub-divisional / Rural / Primary Unit / Area libraries in different ways.
(xxv) To interact with other academic & special libraries, different State Central Libraries of India, National Library, other National Libraries of the world, other national & international information centres for collection of information, exchange of publications, providing of information to readers etc.
(xxvi) To build-up and maintain computerized Wide Area Network with Govt, and Govt. Sponsored District Libraries and other Govt, and Govt. Sponsored Town / Sub- divisional / Rural / Primary Unit / Area Libraries of lower levels to achieve the goal of establishment of an Integrated Public Library Network in the State for the purpose of Bibliographical Data Exchange, Professional Interactions, Digitization of Rare Books in the holdings of its own, different Public Libraries of the State, integration of services of all types of Public Libraries mentioned above services and also to provide Integrated Community Information Services and to lead Computerized Public Library Services in the State.
(xxvii) Any other activity considered fit in accordance with different orders of the Government. Besides those activity notwithstanding anything contained in the orders, but considered fit for development of public library services of its own, of the district as well as of the state.