Bally Sadharan Granthagar


383,G.T.Road , P.O. Bally, P.S. Bally, Dist.: Howah, Pin.: 711201

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About The Library

In the year 1883 a tiny book-bank was set up at the house of Haridhan Goswamy of Goswamy Para Road, but without a name.At the same time, “HOME LIBRARY” was founded in the house of Nibaranchandra Pathak of Pathak Para.  Being amalgamated these two institutions was named “BOYS’ ASSOCIATION”, in the year 1885 and continued its activities at the residence of Haridhanbabu. In the year 1887, the library was shifted to ‘Beams Charitable Dispensary’ building (presently known as Kedarnath Arogya Bhaban) with a new name “STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION”. In the year 1900/1901, “THE FRIENDS’UNION LIBRARY” of Dingsai Para and “BOYS’ READING CLUB” of Goswamy Para  merged and carried on at the residence of Bhagabaticharan Bandyopadhyay, as “FRIENDS’ READING ROOM”. From 30th. October 1903, “STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION” and “FRIENDS’ READING ROOM”  started functioning as “STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION & FRIENDS’ READING ROOM” jointly, but for a few days, owing to the dearth of space in the dispensary, the same was shifted to the ‘River Thomson School’ (presently known as Bally Santiram Vidyalaya), in the year 1904. On 23rd. September of 1913 the institution was named “BALLY PUBLIC LIBRARY”. Once more it was renamed in the year 1933 as “Bally Sadharan Granthagar”. On 23rd. February, 1935, the library was registered under the ‘Society Registration Act’. The library achieved finally the crown of ‘Town Library’, as adopted by the State Government, in the year 1981.

Telephone No: 033-26466496/9433856376(Librarian)


How to reach the library:

By bus – 54, 54/2, 51, 56 bus, stop Bally thana/Bally bazar, from bus stop walking distance.

By train – from Sealdah by Dankuni local Bally, Bally ghat, from station by riksha 15 minutes

Any other relevant Information:

Library Time for General Section:

Monday to Saturday: – 1- 00 P.M. to 8 – 00 P.M.    

Sunday: – 7- 00 P.M. to 8 – 30 P.M.

Library Time for Children Section:

Monday to Friday: – 5 – 00 P.M. to 6 – 30 P.M.

Sunday: – 8 – 00 A.M. to 10 – 00 A.M.


Bally Sadharan Granthagar