Badkulla Rani Bhabani Pathagar


Vill+P.O. Badkulla, Dist.: Nadia, Pin-741121

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About The Library

This Library started in the year 1942 by some eminent persons of the locality and its surrounding areas. The name of the Library before partition was “New India Club” and was situated in a thatched house. At that time it usually worked in the evening when electricity was not available. Thereafter in the year 1948, this library named as “Badkulla Rani Bhabani Pathagar” in according to name of “Rani Bhabani” of Natore under East Pakistan. In the year 1976 this Library designated as Govt. Sponsored Rural Library” and in the 1986 this Library became “ Govt. Sponsored Upgraded Town Library”.

Telephone No: 03473-270260

How to reach the library

By bus> Krishnagar – Ranaghat via Badkulla

By train>Sealdah (Krishnagar local)-Badkulla station


  1. Lending Service
  2. Text book Service
  3. Children book service
  4. Career guidance service
  5. Reading Room Service

Nearby Place of interest/ Tourist spot etc

Nabadwip Dham, Mayapur Iskon Mondir, Bethuadahari Abhayaranya, Krishnanagar Rajbari etc.

Any other relevant Information

  1. No of books – 12500
  2. No of members – 1100
  3. Building – two storied, floor area – 3000 sq.ft.



Badkulla Rani Bhabani Pathagar