Balichak Jhareswar Sing Smriti Town Library


At. – Hamirpur, P.O. – Balichak , Dist – Paschim Medinipur , Pin - 721124

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About The Library

Balichak Jhareswar Sing Smriti Town Library is situated near Balichak Town. It was started as a result of effort and dedication of some local influential leaders, wealthy people and philanthropist in 1982. The library was named in the memory of Jhareswar Sing who was a great social worker of Debra Block.

Name of the Librarian : Partha Sarathi Sahoo (9474760603)

Telephone No : 9474760603

How to reach the library

By bus – Howrah to Debra then  Debra to Balichak,

By train – Howrah to Balichak

Five minutes walking distance from Railway Station and one minute walking distance from Balichak Daily Bazar Bus Stop.


  1. Lending Service
  2. Reading Room Service
  3. Service to Children
  4. Service to Neo-Literates
  5. Text Book Service
  6. Career Guidance Service
  7. Inter-Library Loan Service
  8. Reference and Information Service
  9. Xerox Service

Nearby Place of interest/ Tourist spot etc

It is two km from Balichak Jhareswar Sing Smriti Town Library there is a Shiva Temple known as Chapaleswar at Kedarkunda. It is sculptured following Rekhdeul of Orissa. It is west faced and build by ‘Makra’ marble. A rectangular water reservoir is there adjacent the temple from which a effervescence sound is always growing for this chapaleswar shiva is also known as Bhurbhuri Kedar.



Balichak Jhareswar Sing Smriti Town Library