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On 1st of July, 1952, Sri Hari Madhab Banik established a library at his own house with his own collection of books and named it Bidyutchakra Pathagar. Almost all the users of the informal library were his friends – Sri Sudas Das, Sri Kartik Bhattacharya, Sri Satyen Basu and few others. Later they decided that the whole neighborhood should be benefited like them through this library and transferred it to a room in front of Sri kartik bhattacharya’s house and changed its name to Bidyutchakra Sadharan Pathagar. A committee was formed and Sri Nripendralal Majumdar took up the responsibilities of the library as a secretary.

Later, when Sri Makhanlal Kundu took the post of secretary, the committee decided that as the library has now good reputation in the area and the number of its members as well as patrons has increased it should have its own accommodation. Fund for the new library building was collected by a successful cultural program organized in the nearby Leela movie theatre and from the local people. The enthusiastic patrons of the library helped wholeheartedly by contributing books and furniture to the library.

In 1981 the library got recognition as Government aided Primary Unit Library. From 1981 to 1984 the library was run by two employees under the supervision of an administrator. On the 25th of November, 1984, the first managing committee election took place. The managing committee of the library was elected for three years and it was the administrative body of the library ever since. Then in 1987 the library upgraded to the status of a town library. The library that began its journey from a single room with around 200 books has now evolved into a two story building with over 14,500 books and serving over 550 members regularly.

Fresh initiatives have been taken to build community library for the under privileged local students and youth. So that they can have free access to the text and career guidance books of the library.

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How to reach the library

By bus> Police Phari stop-turn right-Purba Sinthe post office

[ The library is about 5 minutes by rickshaw from DumDum rail/metro station and less than a 5 minute walk from DumDum Police Phari. It is located right on the opposite foot of the Purba Sinthee Post Office.]


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Bidyutchakra Sadharan Pathagar